Recent Developments in Electrochemical Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis: A Comprehensive Review


  • Kishore Konam Principal, Maharashtra Institute Of Pharmacy (D.Pharm), Armori Road,Betala,Bramhapuri,Chandrapur Dist,Maharashtra-441206
  • N. Sriram Professor, Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science College Of Pharmacy, Keesara, Bogaram, Ghatkesar,Telangana-501301.
  • Nagaraju Pulugam Assistant Professor, Unity College of Pharmacy, Raigir, Bhongir, Yadadri Bhongir Dist- 508115
  • Balireddy Keesara Principal,Shantiniketan College of Pharmacy, Dhotre (B.K), Nagar kalyan highway, Parner Taluka, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414304


Electrochemical, pharmaceutical analysis


Electrochemical methods have emerged as powerful tools for pharmaceutical analysis due to their sensitivity, selectivity, cost-effectiveness, and ease of implementation. This comprehensive review explores the recent developments in electrochemical techniques for pharmaceutical analysis, highlighting their applications in drug quality control, pharmacokinetic studies, drug stability assessment, and drug formulation analysis. The review also discusses the advancements in electrode materials, cell designs, and detection strategies, along with their implications for improving the sensitivity and reliability of electrochemical methods. Furthermore, it provides insights into the challenges and future directions in the field, with the aim of inspiring further advancements in electrochemical methods for pharmaceutical analysis.